Become a Partner.

Working with Balkan Based is now possible for everyone.

We are introducing two new partnership initiatives- Balkan Associates for individuals and Client Referrals for those of you that have already worked with BB in the past.

By joining our partner network, you’ll be able to either earn a lifetime recurring commission by helping us connect with employers, or get lifetime discounts on all of our services – including the “dream team” plan.

Balkan Based Associates

As a member of Balkan Based Associate network, you will be eligible to earn recurring commissions ranging from 3-15% for each client you introduce us to.

The commission percentage will scale as the number of clients you connect us with grows.

If you want to become one of our associates, please reach out to and introduce yourself.

Client Referrals

Don’t worry, getting into our client referrals program is much simpler!

If you’re an existing client and you have an entrepreneur friend that’s also interested in our services, just reach out and introduce us.

You’ll get a 25% lifetime discount whenever you choose to hire using Balkan Based again. Even better, your referral – our new client – will receive a 25% discount for the first time we work together. 

Easy as that!

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