Save 80% on Hiring Costs with Hyper-Personalized Recruitment Services

Lower hiring costs, reduce employee turnaround, eliminate recruitment stress, and receive qualified candidates that match your culture, drive your business, and offer the expertise you need.

Hiring Good Employees Is Expensive and Stressful

Running a business is hard enough without worrying about hiring good remote candidates, browsing hiring websites, sorting through hundreds or thousands of resumes and applications, and managing international employment complexities.

Then, even after an interview you may realize a candidate doesn’t fit your culture or they might even decide to work for another company.

It costs money, stresses you out, and wastes your time.

You Want to Find the Best
Culture-Fit Employees

Whether you choose a traditional recruitment agency or lean on your in-house team, the approach is the same. That is, they post job listings and scour LinkedIn, Indeed, and other hiring sites. But good employees that drive growth are much more than their online persona.

They’re individuals with unique communication styles, personal values, and career ambitions. That’s why we personally meet every candidate to ensure they are a good match for your business.

The result? You find the perfect fit, guaranteed.

finding the perfect employee

Tap Into 100s of Candidates to Find the 1 Perfect Fit

Our dedicated team of experts and growing network of cost-effective talent in the Balkans can help you:

  • Consult you regarding what your business truly needs and who are the people that will make it thrive
  • Find qualified candidates without wasting time or straining your in-house HR team
  • Encourage business growth with employees that fit your culture and goals
  • Reduce employee turnaround by finding the right candidate, the first time
  • Ensure international hiring compliance by using our knowledgeable team
  • Lower hiring costs by 60-80% with three affordable packages that meet your budget 
  • Save time and resources so you can focus on running your business while we find the perfect fit!

Find the Perfect Candidate
with a Free Consultation

To find the best talent for your business, we start with a consultation to discuss your goals, culture, and needs. That way, you vet us before we vet your potential candidates. 

Strict Recruitment Requirements with a Human Touch

Our expert team starts by building relationships and establishing a network of professionals in the Balkans. That’s because remote workers in the Balkan region offer the perfect combination between English-proficiency, exceptional work-ethic, and cost-effective experience. 

But we know you only want the best professionals for your business, which is why we perform strict vetting to narrow down 1000s of potential employees to the 100s of talented individuals that exist in our growing database. 

We can then introduce you to the single perfect fit! If you want to choose the ideal candidate yourself, we’ll provide you with a shortlist of the best talent that meet your needs. Need a whole team? We can do that too. 

But we do more than that. 

Our Coffee Cup

Our coffee cup policy means we meet every potential employee before we pass them onto you. By doing this, we eliminate all candidates that aren’t communicative, determined, and friendly. 

This ensures we never recommend a potential candidate for your business that we would not hire for our own. That’s how we achieve a 97% hire success rate! 

Three Simple Steps to
Find the Perfect Fit Without Stress


Click the button below to schedule an initial consultation to help us understand exactly what you’re looking for.

We’ll find and vet talent based on your specified experience level, salary, skills, values, and anything else you care about for the position you're hiring for.


Hire the perfect fit we recommend or chat with a shortlist of candidates that meet your requirements.


The Results of
Human-Vetted Recruitment


Clients who have hired their ideal employees!


Clients who have hired their ideal employees!


Employees working their dream jobs!


Employees working their dream jobs!


Hire success rate!


Hire success rate!


Promotions earned!


Promotions earned!


Potential employees in our database waiting for you.


Young professionals in our growing database waiting for you.

Recruitment Packages to Meet Your Budget

No two businesses are the same, which is why we offer different recruitment packages that fit your goals and your budget. Whether you need a single employee, a selection of prospects, or an entire team of qualified talent, we can help.

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The Perfect Fit

The Dream Team

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