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Alex Popovic  🇷🇸

Alex has a decade of experience working for cutting edge digital marketing and finance companies spearheading multiple remote teams. SEO is his specialty, but he is also a cryptocurrency veteran. He spends too much of his time playing FPL and fancies himself a writer, although his first novel is yet to be published.

Alex Popovic 🇷🇸

Co-Founder (CEO)
Ivan Damnjanović  🇷🇸

Ivan has a wide palette of skills and experience in a variety of work, but his true passion lies in marketing and advertising. He started his first company right out of high school when he was only 19 and they are in business to this day. Cooking for his family and friends is something he enjoys the most, apart from spending time with his dogs.

Marija Živanović  🇲🇰

Marija loves clothes and working with people, and that's the reason she started pursuing a career in the fashion industry. She became the youngest store manager in her company and has a true knack for sales. Considers herself a 'bingewatcher' and loves rewatching her favourite TV shows, especially classics like Friends and The Office.

Ermana Avdibašić  🇧🇦

Ermana is a top sales representative known for her exceptional ability to close deals and exceed sales targets. Skilled in relationship-building and problem-solving, Ermana is a valuable asset to any team. Her positive attitude and strong work ethic make her a pleasure to work with and a true leader in the sales industry.

Ermana Avdibašić 🇧🇦

Sales Representative
Marija Blagojević  🇷🇸

Marija has been teaching ESL courses to both children and adults ever since she was in high-school. After graduating from university, she pursued a career in human resources starting out as a junior and later becoming a specialist. She's a real gym rat and watches British reality TV with a passion. She's also quite fascinated with puppies.

Mona 🐶

Meet Mona, our Chief Puppy Officer. She brings joy and positivity to our squad with her wagging ears and eagerness to please. Despite her young age, Mona is a natural leader and inspires others to take a break from work and enjoy life's simple pleasures. As the CPO, she oversees our morale and is always on the lookout for new ways to make every member of our team happy!

Mona 🐶

Chief Puppy Officer (CPO)
Veljko Petrović   🇷🇸

Veljko is not only a brilliant content writer and an SEO specialist but also the youngest member of our team. He experienced the ups and downs of the blockchain industry while working as a crypto marketing specialist for [REDACTED]. While writing is both his job and his passion, he also enjoys reading and playing video games.

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