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How the hell does the HR aspect of a business impact marketing efforts, you might ask. Well, there are actually many interesting ways in which these two sides of a business intersect and complement each other.

Of course, you can’t hire an HR expert and then expect them to do your social media marketing campaigns, but there are specific ways in which HR can enhance your marketing efforts. 

As much as 86% of professional HRs believe that recruitment is becoming more and more like marketing. So in some ways, a good human resources expert will be able to help you build a better brand and increase your company’s reputation and popularity. 

Understanding HR's Role in Marketing

Traditionally, the role of an HR expert is to help employees develop themselves but also to be a bridge that connects frontline employees and higher-ups in the company. The relationship between managers and their subordinates needs mediation in some situations, and HRs are there to find a solution to such problems.

Besides helping the company with its internal processes, HRs are present in the hiring process, and they occasionally help with the social media presence of the company by turning the company’s activities into interesting posts.


My company had many animal lovers, and the HRs did an awesome job of making a presentation about our pets. Our LinkedIn page then saw an increase in social media following after doing this wholesome activity. 

HRs are, in some ways, like marketers because they are responsible for promoting the company to potential and existing employees. This can be achieved through job postings, career fairs, and open and straightforward internal communication with other employees. 

By helping the company presents itself in the best possible way, there are certainly going to be more people interested in working for the company or at least becoming their customer.

HRs are promoting the unique values of the company that will help it differentiate itself from other competitors in the industry. 

Role of HR in Employer Branding

The impact of HR on marketing efforts is especially seen in the way in which people perceive the company as an employer. The term used to refer to an organization and it’s reputation as an employer is called employer branding.

While it has some similarities with brand reputation, we will get to that further in the article.

HRs play an important role in creating the place where talents want to work, their skills and traits are appreciated, and most importantly, where they can grow.

Furthermore, companies can focus on starting employee wellness programs, but the basis of a good employer are the aspects of a workplace mentioned previously. 

The way in which employer branding is defined starts when a job ad is posted on related websites. The style and information provided in the job description are enough to make the first impression of the company.

Ask yourself, would you rather work for a company that wrote an engaging and detailed job post or a company that used ChatGPT to make a generic role description? 

Influence on Company Culture

Company culture is a unifying element among employees. It’s a representation of their values and companionship. The role of HR specialists in defining and maintaining the company’s culture is crucial. Top talents often seek out companies that have a reputation for treating their employees well. 

Through internal policies and campaigns, HR specialists ensure that the company’s internal processes are aligned with its mission and vision. Instead of proper values just being a list of buzzwords on a piece of paper, HRs are there to make every employee live and breathe those values.


Open communication between employees on various levels provides the company with better productivity and problem-solving capabilities. When employees are comfortable and engaged within the company, they become the main advocates of it. 

People in various fields, for example, developers or designers, are often connected with other experts in their fields.

If they ever have to look for another job, they would rather go with the recommendation of their friend or acquaintance than blindly seek out new and unknown opportunities on the internet.

A company culture that isn’t well defined and even has some toxic traits won’t attract good employees, instead, it will lead to customers avoiding your products.

Whether you’re looking for an HR through job posts or by collaborating with a recruitment agency such as Balkan Based, you should do what’s in your power to hire the best HR that you can find. 

HR's Contribution to Brand Reputation

HR manages the people that work in the company, and they are the living embodiment of a brand. Through the implementation of HR-related initiatives and by encouraging positive workplace culture, HRs can shape how employees perceive, embody, and ultimately project the brand to both stakeholders and a common audience.

The recruitment process is where the HRs really shine, and this process directly impacts brand reputation. By carefully selecting candidates who align with the company’s values, the HR department can help ensure a strong, cohesive brand image.

The difference between employer branding and brand reputation is important. Employer branding is how your company is perceived as a place to work while increasing brand reputation helps you reach a broader audience and get their trust. 

In both situations, HRs are there to help you achieve these benefits. However, their interactions with potential and current employees and occasional failure in handling certain situations can definitely have a negative impact on your reputation both as a brand and as an employer.  

Combine HR and Marketing to Skyrocket Your Company's Performance

While they seem quite distinctive at first, the way in which HR and marketing can be combined will impact how your company is perceived by other businesses, potential job candidates, and your customers. 

It’s not easy to find the way in which you want to communicate all the advantages that your company offers, and it will require some trial and error to find the sweet spot. As technology advances and there are fewer and fewer opportunities for emerging companies, businesses need to find a way to separate themselves from the competition. 

A strong brand presence in both internal and external landscapes will ensure that your company attracts top talents in the industry, as well as new customers. However, it’s worth noting that overdoing your marketing and trying to appeal to as many “human” and non-toxic can be counterproductive.

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